Monday, 30 May 2016

Could YOU be an NUT School Safety Rep ?

Safety representatives” are trade union representatives appointed by NUT members to represent their interests on health and safety issues.  The law gives them a range of statutory rights and powers. 

School NUT reps can also take the role of official health and safety rep, but we strongly encourage different members to take on this role, to support their school rep who already has a significant job to do !

NUT Safety Reps provide a vital service for members, and are often highly valued by the management of schools for their input and work on behalf of members.  However union safety representatives are  distinguished from “safety co-ordinators” or “safety officers” appointed by employers or managers to help them carry out their health and safety responsibilities:  union safety representatives are not accountable to employers or managers, only to union members.

If you are appointed as an NUT rep, you have a statutory right to paid time off for training, and there are three options open to you:-
There is an all-expenses paid residential course for Health and Safety reps run at Stoke Rochford Hall over 5 days. This has been described as the "Rolls Royce" of training, and provides full accreditation as a workplace rep. Members who are able to commit to this course are strongly encouraged to apply- those who have done it are always really impressed by the level of training and support !  Schools that buy into the full personnel service from ESCC will be able to claim back the cost of supply cover for this.


1) Speak to your NUT School Rep (unless that's you!) and your NUT colleagues at school, and ask if they would be happy to elect/endorse you as the school Health and Safety Rep.

2) Sign up for a place on the 5 day course by clicking here 

3) Contact the East Sussex NUT Division, and we will help you make the arrangements with your school. E-mail us here.

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