Monday, 12 October 2015

Fire- check YOUR school is prepared

In the early hours of this morning, Shinewater Primary School was all but destroyed in what appears to be an arson attack. The NUT will be offering whatever support it can to our members in the school, and the families affected.

Incidents such as this are mercifully rare, but it reminds us that we need to do all that we can to ensure our schools have equipment and systems in place to prevent fire, and to allow safe and swift evacuation if it does happen.

NUT School Reps and especially Health and Safety Reps are encouraged to make sure that:
  • a fire risk assessment has been carried out for your school, in consultation with the local authority and the fire authority;
  • proper precautions against the risk of fire are in place in your school;
  • fire emergency procedures are established, are known to all staff and pupils and are clearly displayed in prominent positions in the school;
  • fire hoses should NOT be used;
  • fire drills are held at least every term in the school;
  • fire precautions checks form a major part of your regular termly safety inspections; and
  • contingency plans are in place for the temporary housing of pupils if they are evacuated from school and cannot return.  
You can download the NUT's full Fire Safety guidance for members and reps by clicking here

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