Thursday, 7 November 2013

Tackling Stress: Is there a stress problem in your school ?

Workplace stress is a major threat to the health and safety of our members.  Our national action on Workload has a major role in challenging unacceptable demands being set nationally, by Gove and Ofsted,  but every school-whether they are Community Schools, Academies, Free Schools or Independent- has a legal duty of care to its staff, and must assess the risk of stress and take action where this is identified as a problem.

The NUT has two surveys- carefully designed by our Health and Safety team, to help reps gather evidence of causes of stress, and if stress factors may be affecting the health of their members in school. You can view model versions on line below.

The Workplace Stress Survey looks at workplace factors such as facilities, demands, role, pace of change and relationships, and allows reps to identify patterns or specific areas of concern.

The Wellbeing Ready Reckoner is a snapshot tool for individuals that looks at symptoms of stress related illness. This allows reps to discover the level of possible illness being caused in an individual school.  (Individuals who score highly on the survey should be encouraged to seek support from their GP, TSN and the union where necessary)

Any East Sussex School wishing to have the survey sent to their members (all returns are STRICTLY confidential) and the results collated, should contact the Division Secretary here.

You can download detailed guidance from the Union on tackling workplace stress here.

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